Photo & Image Editing

Editing, Editing, Editing….

Whilst I will continue to enjoy my photography I now want to promote the skills that my photography has helped me to develop – photo editing or image retouching and manipulation as it is also known. It may be the introvert in me that prefers the work behind the scenes but I have to confess that I really enjoy the challenges that come my way.

Property often requires a bit of work to show it at it’s best. Removing distractions from an image such as people, cars, signs or lampposts. What about the untidy windows or posters?

People sometimes want blemishes removed so that they are looking their best. They might even want someones eyes opened – there is always someone who blinks at the wrong moment. And at the extremes – yes, I have been asked to completely remove people from group photographs and shuffle everyone up so that it all looks natural.

If you’ve an old photograph with those creased lines and lost data then fear not, you will be surprised how much can be retrieved. Colours corrected and marks removed the photograph can be given a new lease of life.

Examples to follow….